Aircraft sharing

autorouter works best if a complete and correct aircraft profile is available. In order to make it easier for users to get started, there are several ways to benefit from already existing aircraft profiles.

When creating a new aircraft, you are presented with three options:


The templates autorouter provides are common aircraft types for which definitions are already available and meet certain minimum standards in terms of completeness. It does not mean that those templates all contain full information for performance, weight & balance and other areas but that they have been checked by the platform operators and deemed useable.

Just choose a template, click continue to go to the aircraft settings screen, enter the callsign, check all data for correctness and save it.

If you believe your aircraft is worth adding to the template list for the benefit of all other users, please create a support ticket asking us to make your aircraft available. All personal information such as callsign, pilot name and telephone number will be removed by us.

Sharing with code

Often, several pilots fly the same aircraft. Instead of having to define it on each account individually or having to add it as a template for all users, it is possible to only share your aircraft with a defined group of people.

To enable your aircraft for private sharing, go to the aircraft list and click the share icon. It will then be assigned a code consisting of numbers and letter. Send this code to all people that should have access to the aircraft. You can copy the code to your clipboard by clicking the icon next to it. Unsharing it makes the code invalid.

When creating a new aircraft, choose “Create from share code” and enter this code. With this code, all aircraft details including the callsign, pilot name and telephone number (if given in the search and rescue section) will be retrieved. Please note that creating an aircraft from a share code creates a fully independent copy. Changes made either by the original owner or you will not be reflected in each others’ aircraft.