GFS wind forecasts

The autorouter can optimize a route based on the following three optimization targets:

  • Shortest time (default)
  • Preferred flight level
  • Least fuel required

Additionally, it can be told to take the wind forecast into account. This can have a considerable effect on what route is regarded the best, mostly when there is a strong wind difference at a higher altitude. The wind forecast data is taken from the Global Forecast System (GFS) of the US meteorological office NOAA.


In most cases, this option only makes sense when planning shortly before takeoff as only then the accuracy of the wind forecast is sufficient to rely on it. Given that the Eurocontrol system allows for filing very shortly before takeoff, it can be a powerful tool.


When looking at the generated routing with the GFS wind forecast enabled, you can get information on the expected wind at every waypoint on the route by hovering it with the mouse pointer or touching it.