Group notifications

When operating flights as a team, it is often desirable to have more than one person receive update messages. autorouter sends updates via email and optionally via instant messenger (Telegram). This document describes possible workflows for teams using autorouter.

Email forwarding

Currently, autorouter associates each account with a fixed email address. Notifications are only sent to this address. For multiple persons to receive all messages, the easiest approach is to create a dedicated account which has mail forwarding to the intended recipients for all incoming mail. One excellent solution is Google Mail (GMail) which is free of charge and provides the required features. Create a dedicated account there and configure forwarding for all messages from autorouter. To change an existing autorouter account to a new email address, please create a support ticket.

Telegram group messaging

Each account has a Telegram account associated with it. Messages are sent to this Telegram account and commands received from this account are executed with the privileges of the associated user account.

To have multiple Telegram users receive Telegram BOT notifications for a user account, it is possible to configure the Telegram BOT to send notifications to a Telegram group instead of a private chat with the associated Telegram user. To do this, create a Telegram group and invite yourself, any other people you want to have in the group and the autorouter BOT by specifying its name @autorouter_bot.

The BOT is now part of the conversation in the channel but only sees messages that start with a forward slash (/). It does not get access to other message, such as the ones you exchange with other group members. Therefore all commands to the BOT should be preceded with a slash, e.g. /WX EDDS (or short /EDDS) to get the METAR/TAF for Stuttgart, Germany. The BOT will still process each request with the privileges of the sender.

To configure the BOT to send notifications to this group instead of a private chat, the Telegram user associated with the account should issue /TGGROUP SET from within the desired group. The BOT will then use this group for all notifications.

It is possible to revert to private messaging at any time by sending /TGGROUP DELETE to the BOT.