Email BOT interface

The autorouter BOT is usually accessed via the Telegram Instant Messenger but also provides a fallback access via SMS and email.

The email interface provides most commands of the Telegram BOT with the exception of subscription services, i.e. where responses would not be returned immediately but as part of a longer term subscription. The email interface can be useful where a full internet connection required by Telegram is not available and SMS might suffer from unreliably delivery or be too limited. The email interface supports image transfer which SMS does not.

The email BOT interface is enabled for all users and requires a special — user specific — email address to be used. This address should not be shared with others as it serves as authentication for the user and allows executing commands on behalf of the user (such as cancelling and delaying flight plans).

To get your personal email BOT address, go to the User Settings (the little torso icon in the top right corner of the menu) and switch to the Miscellaneous tab. There you can click on the address to copy it to your clipboard. Send an email to this address and put the command in the first line of the email body. The email subject line is not evaluated. All text following the first line is ignored. The BOT then sends a reply to the email address the message comes from which does not have to be the same email address as used to login to autorouter.