SkyDemon integration

SkyDemon is a popular European moving map navigator for Android and iOS devices. While targeting primarily VFR pilots, it includes IFR maps and can be very useful in the cockpit for flights planned with and filed via autorouter.


Each route that you plan and optionally filed can be exported to SkyDemon through a file format defined by SkyDemon. Those files have the extension .flightplan. In the briefing section of your route or flightplan, you can download the SkyDemon export with a simple click.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 20.19.54

Opening the file in SkyDemon can be accomplished by just clicking on it as SkyDemon associates the file extension .flightplan with itself.

The same file can also be generated and sent to you as part of your briefing pack when filing a flight plan. You can see it in the briefing pack content list. Note that it is only generated when you file the flight plan, it is not included when you download the briefing pack as this only gives you the PDF file.

When filing a flight plan and having it included in the briefing pack content list, the briefing pack email will include the .flightplan file alongside the PDF. If you have Telegram messaging setup for your account and enabled “Send flight plan updates via Telegram”, you will also receive the SkyDemon file via Telegram messenger which is especially handy because a simple tap on it on your mobile device opens it in SkyDemon.

Due to differences in functionality, not all configuration options are exported to SkyDemon. Next to the route, a simplified version of your aircraft equipment and performance is included which should match reality quite well in most cases.